What is a Virtual Meeting?

A virtual meeting is a live video conference that has participants from different locations. Virtual meetings are used for different purposes, like work collaboration, remote therapy, or socializing with friends and family. Virtual meetings are increasingly common for work, especially among younger workers who have grown up having fun and working online and want the same seamless experience at work.

During virtual meetings, participants can use their computers’ microphones and speakers, or via text chat. They can also share their screens or even present documents, which can be beneficial for collaborative teamwork. Certain software allows participants to record meetings in virtual form and save them for later reference. In this regard, it’s essential that participants have a stable internet connection and high-quality video recording capabilities (like Riverside’s up to 4K).

There are some basic best practices that should be followed when hosting or attending virtual meetings. It is essential that both the host and guest have a plan of action in place prior to the meeting. This will keep the meeting on track and prevent it from going in direction that isn’t productive. It’s a good idea also to block out any background noises or distractions and make eye contact with the other participants. This will show that you’re active and attentive even when you’re not in the same room.

Whether you’re hosting or attending an online meeting, it’s crucial to remain focused and make notes. It’s equally crucial to avoid engaging in multitasking during the meeting because this could distract you and may make it difficult for you to absorb the information being discussed.