Looking for an instant answer to a question?

Below are the questions we are asked all the time. If you do not see the answer to your question you have, please go to the contact pageĀ and send us a message, email us at info@queencapitalrealty.com or give us a call at (470) 330-8624.

What is the process to sell you my house?

Click HERE to see the detailed process. In short fill out our form on the website, email me at info@queencapitalrealty.com, or give me a call at (470) 330-8624. I will analyze the property and set a time to come see it. If it fits our investment criteria, I will make a cash offer on the spot. If agreed upon, the contract is signed and the closing is set up at a local title company.

How quickly can you buy my house?

It always depends on the situation and the house, but we can close as quick as the title company will allow us to. Sometimes that means as little as a week but typically it is a couple of weeks. We can certainly work with you on the timeline if you need to close very fast or need to wait a few weeks.

Do I have to pay realtor fees or other costly charges?

NO, you won't have to pay any realtor fees or other unnecessary charges. We buy the house directly from you avoiding these costly fees and expenses.

My house is in bad shape, do I need to make repairs?

NO, we buy houses in any condition so don't worry about putting any more money into your house to clean or repair it. I will factor all of the repairs needed into the offer and we will take care of everything that needs to be done.

I don't want anything in the house, do I have to remove everything?

NO, after the house is sold you can walk away and we will take care of removing everything.

If I fill out your form will I get a bunch of spam mail or unwanted phone calls?

NO, we do not distribute your information and it is all kept on our secure server. The only communications you will get will be directly from me to discuss your house. If you prefer to communicate via email or text messages just add that in when you fill out the form.