Virtual Data Storage Saves Organizations From Massive Upfront Cost Commitments

Storage virtualization is a technology that lets applications access data regardless of the physical storage locations, which in turn can save organizations from huge upfront financial commitments. It also eliminates complexities in the datacenter acquisition strategy to use based on the business needs by allowing applications to run on one or very few servers.

Startups require a secure storage platform for and sharing information with investors who are interested in conducting due diligence. A VDR like iDeals can simplify the process by providing many options that encourage collaboration.

Private equity and venture capital companies require secure and efficient pipelines to communicate with their portfolio partners, auditors, companies and so on. A VDR is a safe and seamless way to store and transfer sensitive information away from the firewall.

Many pharmaceutical and biotech firms have sensitive documents that must be stored, reviewed, and shared in accordance with HIPAA. These companies are ideal candidates for an HIPAA-certified VDR such as iDeals.

When mergers and acquisitions are made, numerous documents need to be shared between the parties. A virtual dataroom is an secure environment for reviewing and collaborating on these documents. This can significantly speed up the deal-making and saves time. A VDR also comes with a variety of useful features to speed and simplify the process, such as sections for Q&A and file annotation. This allows everyone to collaborate effectively and efficiently on an agreement, without relying upon emails or external platforms.