How to Find Nonprofit Board Members

Nonprofit Board Members serve as stewards of an organization’s assets and provide oversight, foresight and insight. They are often compared to crows perched on the crows nest, looking for storm clouds and rainbows. They aren’t responsible for the day-to-day activities, but they need to be able to look at the big picture.

There are numerous resources that can help you identify the ideal board members, no matter if your nonprofit is established or just beginning its journey. One of the best methods to find board members is to connect with existing volunteers. Take a look at your current events and committees. Also, look for individuals who are likely to be great leaders. You can also make use of newsletters and social media to advertise board positions to your community.

Another resource is to search job boards for mission-driven organizations like Impact Opportunity and Idealist. Also, look within your professional field to find people who have connections to nonprofits through their industry associations or companies who donate to them. If you spot several people who appear to be ideal candidates get in touch with them and ask whether they’re interested in joining your board.

Remember that, just like any staff member, newly appointed board members should receive an in-depth orientation to ensure they understand their roles and commitment. This includes a clear statement of expectations regarding attendance and schedules, fundraising, the responsibilities that they are entrusted with (e.g., budget management) and other governance policies.