How to Select Effective Board Portal Software

Board members must be certain they have the most up-to-date version of the documents, regardless of whether they are working in the same space as one another or on different continents. A central shared system is crucial for meeting preparation and governance. The best software for managing board meetings will allow for continuous updates to documents regardless of the device or platform is being used by the participants. This level of security enables board materials to be accessible by all participants and commented upon at any time.

When deciding on a board portal solution, choose one that has the following key features:

Tools for scheduling and inviting meetings: With simple automation tools, you can easily determine the dates and times of your meetings. You can also allow attendees to register for meetings online. You can also send out reminders.

Agenda builders tools Create dynamic fully digital agendas for meetings including time limits and people assignments. Some portals even embed documents for reference.

Task management Utilize a task manager to ensure that all board members are up-to-date regarding their responsibilities prior to the next meeting. The best solution will display the tasks assigned to them on the form of a central dashboard. This will allow directors to confirm that they’ve looked over the meeting material and finalized a budget for a campaign that’s coming up or snapped photos at the event of volunteers, for example.

Training & support: Be sure to offer multiple opportunities for technology-challenged board members to receive training. Aim to hold group training sessions at a variety of times and locations, and be sure to reach out to members of the board who are technologically challenged to arrange 1:1 training sessions.

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