What Is PC Software?


PC Software includes a wide selection of tools and programs that can make your computer more useful, efficient or entertaining. Word processors, video games graphics, design and multimedia players are all examples. Also, online communication tools like Skype or Google Hangouts or a more powerful email program. Other popular software programs are a collection of Microsoft products, email and social media clients, security software such as editors and readers of PDF and productivity applications such as a task list or calendar.

Operating systems for computers (OS) are the most widely used type of computer software. OS programs generally have an interface for users that is graphical (GUI) or, with some OS types, a less complicated command-line interface. The average user of computers interacts with the OS through these GUIs.

System software is usually written in the language of low-level programming, which makes it easier to communicate the hardware systems. It also performs a variety of crucial functions, including memory management and task scheduling.

If your hard drive is full of a bloated game installation or a plethora of backups from the past, a clean up program could be a blessing. SpaceSniffer from Uderzo Software, for instance, helps you reclaim lost space by scanning your hard drive and presenting the results visually in an easy-to-understand grid. And if you’re ready eliminate your old files a top-quality program to erase them like Recuva from Piriform, the company behind CCleaner, can bring your files back from the dead.