Activity feed and Seller Lead apps in Podio

This video walks you through the activity feed and Seller lead app of Podio. Seller Lead app is by far the most important app each section is important and a break down is provided in the video.

Different Lead Sources in Podio

This video explains where the leads come from and how they get into our Podio CRM system. Understanding where the leads come from can help us on how to approach the lead and help us craft an acceptable offer.

How to send a text in Podio

This video walks you through how to send a single text message to a seller lead in the Podio CRM system.

How to bulk text in Podio

This video walks you through how to send a bulk text to many leads simultaneously. This will help save you a lot of time to text many leads at one time.

How to upload a list to Podio

This video walks you through how to upload a list (in excel format) into the Podio CRM system. Uploading a list helps you save a lot of time that way you don't have to input leads 1 at a time. A big time saver.

Different Lists

In this video we discuss different types of list you will see, and which fields you will upload into Podio.

Auto followup system in Podio

Following up with leads is very important. Some people will be unresponsive the first time we reach out to them, maybe because they are busy at the time or not interested in selling at the moment. By setting the leads to Auto followup in Podio we will have constant contact with the lead on an ongoing basis.

Skip Tracing

In this video we talk about the importance of skip tracing. Skip tracing is the process of finding out someones contact information. By skip tracking owners we are able to get their phone number and text them through Podio.

Property Management using Cozy

This video will walk you through managing the properties using the site you can make sure tenants pay their rent on time, manage maintenance requests, and create a listing to fill a vacant unit.

Social Media Marketing

In this video we discuss the importance of social media marketing as it pertains to real estate investing.

List Upload + Bulk Text

In this video we upload 4 list, update the status of the list by classifying the type of leads and where they came from as well as bulk texting the entire lists in 20 minutes.

Calendar Management

In this video you will learn how to use Google Calendar to set appointments with Podio and how to share the calendar with the team.

Cash Buyer List

In this video we discuss our disposition process and how we manage our cash buyer list and create campaigns and marketing sheets.


In this video we discuss 3 types of reports that will be due weekly, monthly and as needed.

Introduction to Reonomy

Reonomy allows you to access property records for commercial properties across the U.S.

Wave Financial

Wave Financial provides us a platform to do book keeping functions and create financial statements.

Live List Upload + Bulk Text

In this video we upload a free & clear list, classify the leads uploaded using power tools for Podio, and communicate with leads in the communication log.