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Sell My Apartment Fast - Apartment Building Buyers

Are you planning to sell apartment building(s) in Atlanta?

Sell your apartment buildings from 2 - 200+ units to us. We buy apartment buildings.

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While the majority of properties we buy are single family homes, we are also highly motivated to buy multi-family residences. Depending on the location and condition, we are open to buying any multi-family properties, from duplexes, to quadplexes, all the way up to large (100+ unit) apartment buildings.

Selling your multi-family building is different then selling your single family property, main reason is there are different types of buyers involved.

Working with experienced investors like us, we are experienced and knowledgeable in the market to offer you top offer.

Selling your apartment building directly to us eliminates the hassles and stress of doing business with a traditional Realtor:

  • There's no need to "show" the property to potential buyers
  • We buy apartment buildings "as-is". 
  • No Realtor fees.

Whether you have a single family home, a two-family duplex, or a 300 unit apartment building, our buying process is similar.

Selling Your Apartment Building: Our Buying Process

To put our apartment building buying process simply:

  • We are always in the market to buy your apartment buildings. 
  • We can pay cash or quickly secure private funding - financing is never an issue.
  • We buy apartment buildings "as is"... so you needn't worry about costly repairs or clean-up.

Whether you're looking to sell a vacant / under-occupied apartment building (regardless of its condition),

Or are looking to sell an already occupied multi-family residence & get out of the landlord business ...

We are happy to make you a cash offer on any multi-family properties, and can close fast (usually in just a few weeks).

We are especially interested in buying "problem" properties: those that are sitting empty, those that need significant updates & work, and those that you need to get rid of ... fast.

Over the years, we have built a rolodex of investors who are looking to fix & flip even the largest apartment buildings and complexes, so properties that are in "bad shape" are some of our favorite investments.

If you have any multi-family residences you'd like to sell, please contact me here or call (678) 999-3577.

Resources For Selling Apartments

Selling an apartment (no matter how many rental units) is a major decision.

Check out market conditions before making any decision. You can see market rents on Rentometer and Zillow.  See median sale prices, rent, employment, and population info on City-Data. You can see apartment building comps in your area on Loopnet. Check the ApartmentGuide.