Team Members Needed! Want to earn an EXTRA $500- $10,000 per month?

We are a local real investment company with a spirit of teamwork and caring. More than real estate, our purpose is to help build and increase the community spirit by helping homeowners navigate difficult situations. We accomplish this by providing real estate solutions!

The Property Locator/ Jr Investor Program

Now we offer a Cash incentive for our Property Locators! Designed especially for community members to be rewarded for taking an active role in helping their neighbors and friends.

By joining the Queen Capital Realty Team, you may accomplish a two-fold purpose:

      1. Helping to build and grow the community
       2. Receiving a monthly increase of $200 – $10,000

How it Works

Do you have a friend or family member who is behind in their mortgage payments or needs to sell quickly? Is there a vacant, distressed or neglected house in your neighborhood? Simply contact us with the information, then we will give you $500 – $2,000 each when we close on the property.

We are looking to purchase six to ten properties per month, so this is an incredible opportunity for you to earn some serious CASH! You may scout certain areas of the city on a part-time or weekend basis, it’s completely up to you. Become a full or part time Jr Investor and increase your monthly income!

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